The Worst Cafe in the World

The Worst Cafe in the World

The Worst Cafe in the World will tour Ireland in March 2020.

This is a unique production. It is set in empty shops or vacant cafes in towns and high streets. We want to play with different ways of presenting theatre – and theatre in unexpected places! And we want new audiences. So, it’s a cafe. Except, it’s not. Not one bit..

Masquerading as a café,  The Worst Café in the World mysteriously appears – signage cracked, you step into another world. The chef’s a mess and the waiting staff ..wait.

The food is non-existent and the customers are flies on the wall, watching the story unravel in a feast of reality theatre.

Eat first, or after – because at The Worst Café, there is no food, not a latte in sight, and nothing is quite what it seems.

With a full menu of twists and turns, stories come well done or rare with a range of side orders to thicken the plot. As the service goes into meltdown, the waiters stop waiting and the tables are turned. Customers perfectly placed for people watching during an hour-long reality theatre show.

Pure craic and pathos, a chaotic foodless venue – The Worst Café in the World is something completely different. Hugely entertaining comedy, and an unmissable event

Worst Cafe is available for touring in March. It runs for one week (6 days) and can perform 8 shows, or 3 hour drop in and see performances. It is pure alternative town centre entertainment, festival material and .. and something very very different. To find out more email us. T: 02870 836 473

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