Return to Elsewhere 23 & 24 May

Return to Elsewhere 23 & 24 May


It’s been a total digital Zoom whirlwind for us here at Big Telly. After The Tempest, Operation Elsewhere stormed into the digital world and was watched by audiences across 13 countries. Its had press coverage from Newbury, to the BBC national to CNN!

We are returning to Elsewhere this weekend 23/24th May. Four more shows and ticket sales are healthy. There has been a real appetite for this theatre during lockdown, and we’re so happy to have been at the forefront of making it. One of the things that audiences have said over and over, is how wonderful it’s been to ‘see’ other audience members. To see friends and family they’ve missed. To see strangers joining in, climbing over sofas, putting on ‘war paint’! It has been huge craic. An hour of joyous escapism – much needed it appears as we all push into week 9 of this isolation weirdness.

Operation Elsewhere trailer

It’s been tough though. Four hours in a Zoom rehearsal can be draining! We miss the real life rehearsal room just as much as anyone. But theatre connects people – and we couldn’t not do that. We just had to find a new way.

As we slowly and uncertainly move out of lockdown, we’ll keep adapting our work trying to respond to whatever the situation is out there. We have learned so much, experienced all the highs and lows, but making is where our heart is.

If you haven’t been to Elsewhere, we recommend you go! We can guarantee, that when we all look back at these weeks, the trip to Elsewhere will be a memorable hour of that time and one that we hope, brought connection, fun, laughter and joy.

Some tickets are still available from the wonderful Creation Theatre

And here’s some snippets of the reviews..

“Irish myth clashes with green-screen wizardry in this fun piece of quarantine ‘game theatre .. The whole thing is gloriously mad and messy, guaranteed to brighten a grey day of enforced isolation”. The Stage.

“Operation Elsewhere – experimental and experiential – going with aplomb where few other theatre companies would dare to venture” Alan in Belfast

“.. there is something so wonderful about being alone with strangers again in an audience, drawn together only indirectly through our shared love of theatre. The play is a ray of hope, reminding us for an impossible moment all that will be out there for us to enjoy again once coronavirus has passed”. The Rev Stan

“As in fairyland itself—and all good theatre—time bends and warps. We are caught between the tick and the tock. For the most enjoyment do what Puca (Chris Grant), our guide, advises and “open your dreaming eyes wide.” Lyn Gardner, StageDoor

“..such fun interactions and hilarious prop improv. A series of stories using stunning animations to take us to ‘Elsewhere. Seeing people and families having fun interacting with the show was such a joy! What a wonderful way to do theatre”. Thrifty Theatre, London 


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