Little Telly opens little commissions.

Little Telly opens little commissions.

Big Telly have switched on their ‘Little Telly’ – new digital work in these weird times! We have a small number of opportunities to commission new and known artists to an ensemble process to produce work and some chances for artists we have worked with before to get commissioned too.

Please get applying – download the PDF here or read on!

The deadline whether you are new artist to us, or an old familiar face is 21st April. New artists apply with a 1 minute self video. Old heads, send an email. Easy as that. These are small commissions and limited, but a chance for us all to keep working together, keep sane, reach out and make some great work .. Love In a Time of Coronavirus… Stay safe – we look forward to hearing from you x

Big Telly seeks artists for Little Telly ensemble 

Big Telly’s Little Telly is creating an ensemble of six artists who’re interested in developing new work which is interactive, immersive and live. We want a ridiculously talented and creative ensemble to devise and develop live interactive, immersive content that playfully reaches out to all sorts of online audiences, communities and people, and shines through the little screen.

1. If you have worked with Big Telly before:

We’re inviting actors we’ve worked with before to apply. If that’s you and you want to be part of an ensemble process, just email Fran with a rough idea you have for the brief below.

Several of you have been in touch with Zoe already about individual projects. If that’s you, or if you have a project that is almost ready to go, talk to us about that separately. We hope to be able to support a small number of these projects outside the ensemble. 

2. If you haven’t worked with Big Telly before:

We’re also keen to work with new artists. If you haven’t worked with us before we’re asking you to send us a self-tape lasting no longer than one minute, telling us who you are, what you’ve got, what you can bring, and what interests you about this type of work. If you have a rough idea of something you’d like to work on, mention that too. 

If selected, you’ll be invited to a zoom audition/workshop which gives you a chance to find out more about what we’re looking for, and gives us a chance to get to know you a bit better.

 If you like the sound of that, then send us a 1 minute self-tape by 21st April 

3. The Brief.

You will be performing live online, interacting with a live audience.

Make sure the idea is interactive with an audience, that people will get immersed in for a short time – it’s got to be ‘experiential’! This brief is not about finely polished pieces. It’s about energy, fun, joy and most of all – reaching out from that little screen and interaction! It’s got to be quality, but it won’t need hours and hours of rehearsal.

While the ensemble will workshop together, your final piece will be solo or perhaps with one other artist.

BUT – this is our first experiment to bring artists and creatives together for this project. If it works, we’ll be looking for more.

If selected, there will be a fee of £200 to develop and produce work, and the chance to work with the rest of a creative ensemble with a bank of skills, and to work with us here at Big Telly’s Little Telly. The fee will represent around 16 hours of work spread over two weeks, and will include performance times.

You must have these – Improvisation, devising, facilitation basic technical competence – familiarity with a number of online platforms such as zoom, What’sApp.

Experience of/interest in immersive/interactive work. (these are kind of essential skills)

You could have these – which we’d like to include and share within the ensemble but not everyone needs to have – knowledge of (kind of desirable skills)

Film-making, Computer animation, Theatre design, Music composition, Sound engineering

Game design.

For those artists we don’t yet know 

Send us a 1 minute self-tape by 21st April to

For artists we do know

email describing your idea and stating clearly if you want to part of the ensemble, or work independently on a more developed idea.

This project is funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, and would have been used to fund the final stages of our Creative Shops programme. 

The EF Foundation have kindly allowed us to re-purpose the funds for our current circumstances. 

It isn’t huge and there’ll be a limited number of opportunities to commission work. The work, although online, should follow the general principles of Creative Shops – to be inclusive, engage communities in creative activity and connect people. We believe it’s particularly relevant now people are apart from each other.

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