Bouncers. Standing ovations and great reviews.

Bouncers. Standing ovations and great reviews.

The cast have been in rehearsals since 25th February. It’s been tough. One could definitely question the concept of toxic masculinity that so darkly underlies John Godber’s original play. Here in Belfast, a female director, set designer, lighting designer, stage manager and choreographer are the leaders of this gang.

With Sarah Johnston’s disciplined and focused sessions, Chris Robinson, Conor Grimes, Marty McGuire and Cairan Nolan have honed down their 80’s dance moves (trust us – worth going to just see that in action!). The moves and transitions are sharp and steely.

Garth McConaghie’s soundtrack is awesome and weaves in and out of the action and emotion with a deftness that just made us wanna get up and applaud.

The cast have been incredible. Zoe has described the whole process as ‘joyous’. Team work, many laughs and hard work from all has created a fantastic show that’s knocking out audiences in its first week. This co-pro with the MAC has had the stars aligned along its path with Simon Magill and his team doing what they do brilliantly, and setting the work in the MAC’s drop dead gorgeous Luminaire set with cabaret tables on the floor.

With an enduring audience appetite for the play and its various treatments, this adaptation at the MAC won’t avoid or smooth over the tricky bits. Why should it? But it is a new take and entertainment well worth its ticket price. This is one co-pro that has been a joy all round and we’re very proud of the final result.

The reviews from press night are in and it’s looking good. See below ….

Bouncers runs at the MAC until 6th April.




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