And now, for the next act..

And now, for the next act..

Like The Tempest, lockdown came like a storm. After the phenomenal success of Shakespeare online, it was straight into Operation Elsewhere From Elsewhere, we went underground into the Victorian isolation of EM Forster’s ‘The Machine Stops’ Some journey! All incredible experiences, enjoyed in total by some 6000 audience members, in 13 countries worldwide – making dens in their living rooms, doing the Haka and waving at each other. It’s been a total, utter joy.

What next?

Well, we haven’t stopped. In June we delivered our first Zoom theatre masterclass to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland We loved it, the students loved it – and we hope much more innovative theatre making to come from it. We hope to do more. Sign up here to keep up to date.

Alice, Macbeth and the Imponderable Bloom!

It’s now full throttle into an extraordinary production of Alice in Wonderland with Creation Theatre and It is what we can best describe as a virtual theme park for pure wildly weird family entertainment. You can visit through August and September. But be warned, once you’ve fallen down that rabbit hole, you’ll be in for some weird, wonderful and beautiful surprises! We had the most amazing casting day for Alice, and we now have an extraordinary cast poised and ready to begin rehearsals. And not to forget our very own Zoom Wizard’s, Miss Sinead Owens and Mr Giles Stokeley – who will be guiding the tech and production.

With the added bonus of Charisma AI’s tech genius – this project is as fresh and new as it comes.


We are so excited that the live zoom production of Macbeth will premiere at BIAF20 We have a stellar cast confirmed who will perform this incredible live, interactive adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. Keep an eye out for that announcement! And you, yes you – will be fully part of this action. Expect sleight of hand, wickedly duplicitous witches, secret missions, coded text messages and moral dilemmas. This Macbeth will be an unforgettable treat of the senses. It runs for a week throughout a digitally magnificent BIAF. It will follow that with a two week run from Creation Theatre HQ. It is perfect for school groups, students and all round theatre and Shakespeare lovers.

Making Meaning During a Pandemic.

When the world stopped making sense, maybe all creatives everywhere had the instinctive need to make sense of something we’d never experienced before. That’s certainly what we were driven to do. And something amazing happened – all sorts of creatives connected with us and we found ourselves reaching out to creatives we might never have otherwise met. The Deutsches Museum being one

We are a lead partner and contributor to their cultural exploration of ‘meaning’ in a pandemic. They have some amazing content being produced right now. And the blog is well worth a look.

The Imponderable Bloom

And, finally. Alongside the interest our zoom theatre productions have drawn from reviewers and press, academic interest has been keen. To be leading on new formats and innovations in the sector has been a rollercoaster and a privilege. Like everyone, we do not know where this will end up. But we do know that the academic explorations will filter down to emerging theatre makers and students, and hopefully enable them to grab hold of new opportunities and a navigate a changing industry with the confidence and knowledge they need to keep the sector alive and kicking. We wanted to share this feature with you. It’s about ‘The Machine Stops’ and, frankly, it has a wicked title!

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There’s a lot going on with us. We are looking at the coming year with so many innovative projects on our slate. If you are curious about Big Telly’s work, keep up with us and sign up for a (fairly) regular news update. As always, we promise no junk – just good stuff, new stuff and our wildest imaginings!

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