New show – The Worst Cafe in the World

New show – The Worst Cafe in the World

Serving up stories and a cocktail menu of the bizarre, this is an ‘other worldly’, cabaret comedy show, where the audience are diners, food is not food, the staff are not what they seem, and the specials are extraordinary. The Worst Café in the World is an entertainingly different, must see theatre event.

As producers, we are constantly working to create work that is a bit different. We want to appeal to new audiences as well as regular theatre goers. It’s tricky – the market is changing and it can be hard to reach new people. Worst Café is a different approach. With it, we want partnerships with agencies working within the arts, town centre management, BID teams, regeneration and tourism to make it happen.We’re proud of our track record of successful partnership working – through our site specific and cultural tourism work, and through our Creative Shops programme.

The Worst Café format is inspired by that work, and the ways it engages the public, passers-by and entirely new audiences – most who don’t see themselves as ‘arts attenders’. For example, Creative Shops evaluation has consistently shown increased footfall in host streets/areas.

This Halloween sees the ghoulish firmly on the menu, but the format of the story café can be performed anytime, anywhere with new stories and menus – for Spring, Christmas, Easter. It can be site specific and bespoke to a place or area.

The Worst Café in the World can work in traditional arts venues. But it can really animate empty shops, revive vacant cafes on high streets in towns where people least expect theatre.

Worst Café is available from the 28th October and will go out again in Spring 2020.


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