The Well of the Saints and The End of the Beginning

Scratch Performance - 13 Aug


Witty, dark and wickedly comedic

The Old Auction Rooms (Arredare), Gray's Hill, Bangor - Sat 13th Aug at 2pm & 4pm

One of the leading theatre companies in Northern Ireland, Big Telly are coming to Bangor for the very first time with this scratch performance of their latest work in progress: The Faerie Thorn. 

Based on the book by Jane Talbot, The Faerie Thorn will recreate Talbot’s dark, imaginative and bewitching tales, propelling the audience into a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, broken bargains and unjust trials; of magic, quick-wittedness, hoodwinking and revenge.

Over the past thirty years, Big Telly have carved a reputation as bold, risk-taking theatre makers, and their finished Faerie Thorn production is guaranteed to be a piece of vibrant, contemporary, physical theatre, incorporating masks, movement and illusion. For one day only, you can witness a key stage of its development, and participate in a Q&A session with the actors, the director and the writer, Jane Talbot.

This is a rare opportunity to see a dynamic theatre company at work, and get a glimpse of their latest production before it goes on national tour next year.

Please note, this event is not suitable for under 14s.


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