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Operation Elsewhere - touring Summer 2018


Operation Elsewhere is the brand new, unique touring production from Big Telly Theatre Company.

Part game, part immersive theatre, it is an interactive quest led by professional actors, set across eight locations in a town or neighbourhood, and navigated by the audience in small teams. Through encounters with otherworldly characters, weird and wonderful installations and escape room style tasks, the audience is immersed in the unfolding story.

Operation Elsewhere uses an unexpected mix of locations. Three are devised by us and we bring them with us. The others? Well, portals to the Otherworld appear where you least expect them.

A butchers shop on the high street? Through a local newsagents and out the back door maybe? A dusty storage room in town hall, a darkened nightclub in daytime? Maybe it’s Specsavers, or behind a market stall. Could be a car park or maybe the great room in a stately house. Who knows?

We find the best, the most unexpected places to play. We have involved over 50 local shops, businesses, and places in our previous games. All without exception, have loved it. No other production can bring together so many people from a town. This production promises an hour long journey of mystery, myth, madness - and great craic.

Who is it for?

Operation Elsewhere is for anyone age 8+. The pure joy of the production is that everyone and anyone can play. Your audience in unlimited. What we have found is that people who wouldn’t normally go to a theatre will get involved in an immersive game. Families can play it together. Friends can make up a team. Visitors and tourists just love the craic.

Big Telly previous immersive games have been booked by: Local authorities; Business Improvement Districts; Community Development teams; Cultural venues and museums; Heritage sites.

Touring Information

Promoters - The show requires a total of 8 locations, 3 which we bring with us, one which is outdoors and 4 which will be found locations in each area – these could be shops, houses, theatres, heritage sites, train stations, community centres. We arrange these.

Each location must be able to accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

Audience capacity is 160 people per day. (Approximately 15 – 20 ‘start times’ / audience groups).

Other (bemused) members of the public will glimpse some of what is going on.

Operation Elsewhere can be also be located at a tourism site, place of interest, areas surrounding a town, park. If you are unsure whether a location you have in mind is suitable, ask us.

Big Telly works with the promoter and relevant groups such as traders associations, regeneration/tourism departments, festival organisers to identify and risk assess additional locations in advance of the project. Direct performance event activities are covered by Big Telly’s Public Liability Insurance.

To book or enquire contact us   tel: 028 7083 2588.


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