The Well of the Saints and The End of the Beginning

Operation Elsewhere - touring Summer 2018



An interactive multisite experience based on the stories from Tir na n’Og

Written by Zoe Seaton and Jane Talbot (The Faerie Thorn) Directed by Zoë Seaton

Available for touring July/ August 2018 (subject to funding)

Operation Elsewhere is an interactive experience (part game, part immersive theatre), led by professional actors which takes place in multiple sites within a single town/neighbourhood, navigated by the audience in small teams. The experience tells the stories of Tir na n’Og (the Otherworld) through encounters with performers, multimedia installations and escape room style tasks. The teams start at 15 minute intervals in the same starting location from where they then follow clues, meet challenges and unravel mysteries which lead them to the next piece of performance. At certain points the team will have to make choices which will influence what happens to them next. 

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