The Well of the Saints and The End of the Beginning

Archived Production

Melmoth the Wanderer 2012

Adapted by
Big Telly Theatre Company

Scripted by
Nicola McCartney

Directed by
Zoe Seaton

Mask Work by
John Wright






Celebrating 25 years of outstanding theatre, sell out tours and a West End run, Big Telly, the company who brought you the ‘deliriously chaotic’ Puckoon (****What’s on Stage) brings to life another extraordinary book - Melmoth the Wanderer – the first ever horror novel, a brilliant mix of comedy and suspense.

Melmoth loves his job. He sold his soul in exchange for an extended life, international roaming and hypnotic charm. All he has to do in return is tempt others to the dark side. Easy. Also, he meets some really interesting people in his job, people at the edge of despair like the sane guy locked up in a madhouse, the illegitimate one hidden in a monastery, the gullible couple promised a huge inheritance, and then, out of the blue he meets an innocent, happy girl who’s grown up alone on a desert island and believes her father is a tree....Only one of them will survive.

All presented by five eejits who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A random playground of the bizarre inspired by Scream, Tim Burton and Fawlty Towers using projection, animation and squeaky toys. The sort of theatrical anarchy that sets Big Telly apart.



  • “They say there is a thin line between insanity and genius and Big Telly’s adaptation of Spike Milligan’s novel Puckoon demonstrates how very thin that line is, and how very easy it is to jump back and forth across that line with a silly grin on one’s face.”
  • British Theatre Guide, Puckoon, March 2011

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