The Well of the Saints and The End of the Beginning

Freak Show - The MAC, Belfast 31 Oct - 3 Nov


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Roll up if you dare, for a rare roadshow of revenge. In the 250th year of circus itself, the side show lunatics have taken over the asylum - and the madness makes total sense. These fairground attractions have axes to grind and bones to pick.

A gloriously absurd expedition into the world of strange. Marvel at the Portrush Giantess, the Brainless Brothers. Behold the talking corpse and the Pig-Faced Woman.

Your jaw may drop, you may question everything you thought you thought. A solitary tear may fall as your lip quivers. But by lordy, you will be entertained!

A satisfyingly dark and funny show with the remnants of a dusty velvet and chipped gilt Victoriana. Freak Show never loses its humanity, with its twisted heart firmly on the side of the outsiders.

Faces and formaldehyde. Horror and belly laughter. It will blow the steam right off your punk.

Contains dark humour  Parental guidance advised for under 14 years.

Part of Belfast International Arts Festival 

Written by Zoe Seaton and Nicky Harley.

Featuring poetry by Moyra Donaldson.

Directed by Zoe Seaton.

Performed by Keith Singleton and Nicky Harley.

Composer - Garth McConaghie.

Choreographer - Sarah Johnston


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